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Project Description
VSTO Samples for Microsoft Access
C#, Framework 2.0

(Interop API Extensions)

The MACL Interop API Extensions tool uses features found in the .NET Framework 2.0 for now in the Alpha Version and its to be oriented to Framework 3.5 in the Beta Version. MACL Wraps the Access object model providing a more productive environment for the VBA developer. Specifically, it employs extension methods, functions, properties and a most effective data management relative to OLEDB Providers, like returning a single Recordset from any OLEDB Provider using ADODB . It is not a complete managed API for Access, it will reach there, but is designed to augment the raw object model in useful ways.
The Access Interop API Extensions, with its simplified and strongly-typed API, allows VBA developers to be as productive in this context as VBA developers.
The code was original developed in C# 3.0 and is divided in different classes, all classes are in constant update.

Joao Livio

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